A Cat in the Brain (New Restoration!)

A movie so meta that Wes Craven’s New Nightmare barely seems referential in comparison–Lucio Fulci’s (The Beyond, The New York Ripper) Cat in the Brain showcases this prolific filmmaker’s unerring ability to turn the slimmest thread of a story into an insane, cluster-fuck of a film, filled to the brim with enough blood, sex, despair, sly artistry, and hyper-violence to make the most seasoned gorehound squirm. Instead of crafting a new story, Fulci (playing himself) recycles scenes and ideas from his filmography as a killer stalks and tortures him, restaging moments of terror and carnage that he himself created years before. With indulgent descents into sadomasochism, vivisection, cannibalism, and, naturally, a pinch of Nazism, Cat in the Brain marks one of the strangest, most absurd, worthwhile and messy entries in the canon of Italo-horror cinema.

Dir. Lucio Fulci, 1990, DCP Restoration, 87 min.