A Brony BBQ ("A Brony Tale" sneak preview, toons curated by Jerry Beck!)

noon-1:00pm – back patio BBQ
1:00pm – toons curated by animation historian Jerry Beck
1:30pm (approx.) – A Brony Tale, Q&A w/ filmmaker & “My Little Pony” voice artist Ashleigh Ball!

It’s a special sneak preview of the brand-new doc on the Bronies cultural phenomenon (adult fans of “My Little Pony”), along with an intimate portrait of “My Little Pony” voice artist Ashleigh Ball. As well, we’ll have a back patio BBQ where our grill will be fired up, and resident animation historian Jerry Beck presents a slate of Saturday morning toons before the feature!
A Brony Tale Dir. Brent Hodge, 2014, DCP, 79 min.

Watch the trailer for “A Brony Tale”!
YouTube Preview Image