A BAND AND A MOVIE: Child's Play (w/ Dir. Tom Holland & Writer Don Mancini in person!) + Bushwick Bill (of The Geto Boys) w/ Cut Chemist LIVE!

Hip-hop legend Bushwick Bill, innovator of stream of consciousness rap and chronicler of the horrors of the streets, is coming to Cinefamily for this edition of Band & A Movie! The Geto Boy, named for a neighborhood in Brooklyn, but hailing from Houston’s 5th ward, possesses a mythology all his own. Known for his surreal and weird lyrics, atmospheric music videos, and sinister bangers like “Chuckwick,” Bushwick will be here for an unmissable, one-night-only turn up in the name of All Hallows’ Eve-Eve. My dudes, we’re watching Child’s Play.

Even if you love Chucky—Don Mancini’s psychopathic Good Guy doll, whose overalls and ginger bowl cut are pretty much synonymous with ruined childhoods and pissed beds—it’s unlikely that your feelings top hip hop legend Bushwick’s. If you never had a cool babysitter, here’s the rundown: serial strangler’s ghost possesses a doll. Inexplicable Santeria is involved. Also knives. Also, no one supervised children in the 80s. Not scary enough? Watch Bushwick Bill put a hammer in the face of the whole game as he hits our stage with a special performance, accompanied by Cut Chemist! Hidey-ho!

Dir. Tom Holland, 1988, 35mm (Print courtesy of Park Circus), 87 min.

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!