A Band and a Movie: Busdriver + Attack the Block (Opening set by Pegasus Warning)

Our signature Band and a Movie series presents some of our favorite living musicians who share their favorite films with us and then afterwards, play a live show in the theater! Tonight LA rapper and music producer Busdriver presents the cult-classic Attack the Block, where drug dealers and a teenage gangsters arm themselves with katana swords, gats and fireworks to save their run-down South London council estate (U.K.’s projects) from aliens who rip folks’ throats out with luminous super-fangs. The slang is infectious and the scenes of police brutality will land harder than they may have in 2011, pre-Dorner and everything else. Director Joe Cornish’s brutal sense of humor cuts darkly to the core of this monster thriller with unexpected fun but also a hard look at real social inequity. The motley crew of young unknowns steals the show, as their colorful personalities outshine the bleakness of fighting evil in exile on the block. Live set afterwards by Busdriver!

Dir. Joe Cornish, 2011, DCP, 88 min.

Co-presented by FR/BLCK/PR

Opening set by Pegasus Warning

Headliner: Busdriver