A BAND A AND MOVIE: RuPaul's Starbooty Trilogy + Seth Bogart live!

Who isn’t Seth Bogart? Whether he’s “Eating Makeup” in a cirque-du-VHS music vid with Kathleen Hanna, crafting a lovably bizarre advertisement for “Leggs: Mantyhose,” or hammering out beachy bubblegum-crust riffs as the “Hunx” in Hunx & His Punx, the man who started out humping burgers in Gravy Train!!!!’s manic electroclash group is one of many illustrious personas — and he’s bringing them all to the Cinefamily! Presenting 1987’s Ru Paul is: Starbooty! Trilogy, the enduring musician and outsider filmmaker w will show us what inspired his high-glamour, low-art creative mind, making him a maverick icon for freaks and norms everywhere.

A zero-budget, genderfucked, video play-in-three-acts that both skewers and exaggerates ‘60s blaxploitation, Starbooty! is utterly drag at its core: an outrageously hammy, DIY performance of wild patriotism and campy sophistication. As the titular government spy, Starbooty uses her heart, her AK, and a few well-placed karate chops to bring peace to her beloved country — facing armed girl groups and thwarting drug deals, yet doling out hope and life lessons to misfit streetwalkers.

Followed by a performance from the Hunx himself w/ Televisual Special by Telefantasy Studios! Don’t miss this month’s Band & A Movie before it sashays away!