5TH INT'L WAYNE FEDERMAN FILM FEST: Keegan-Michael Key presents Withnail & I

Richard E. Grant gives not only one of the greatest comedic performances on film of the last few decades, but is also one of the best on-screen drunks ever, in Bruce Robinson’s criminally underseen Withnail & I, screening at Cinefamily on 35mm, hosted by one of our favorite funny people, Keegan-Michael Key (of Key & Peele). Key’s fixation on boundary-pushing comedy, oft-fueled by uncomfortable sketches, make him a perfect host for Withnail & I. Grant and Paul McGann breathe boozy, riotous life into the duo of Withnail and Marwood, two out-of-work actors in late ’60s London who decide to take a break from their drug-and-drink-riddled squalor, and head out to the country for some R&R — only to encounter something even more distressing in the form of predatory Uncle Monty (a scene-stealing Richard Griffiths). This cracked classic plays like a big screen version of “The Young Ones” as filtered through the cracked sensibilities of late-era Beatles; alternately funny, creepy and poignant, Withnail & I is pure brilliance.

Dir. Bruce Robinson, 1987, 35mm, 107 min.

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