5TH INT'L WAYNE FEDERMAN FILM FEST: John Mulaney presents The 'Burbs

Live Set from DJ Adam Papagan

John Mulaney—SNL writer and the creator and star of Mulaney—joins us to present the goofy, suburban-set, Tom Hanks-helmed, Addams Family-meets-Twilight Zone Americana that is The ‘Burbs. We can’t blame Mulaney (of “Too Much Tuna” fame) for his soft-spot for Joe Dante’s (Piranha, Gremlins) 1989 black comedy, about the rumour-generating new neighbors on a studio set-style suburban block. In the words of the great Jonathan Rosenbaum, as the block’s veteran denizens speculate about the new arrivals, Dante’s “sidelong genre notations are especially funny,” and the suspicious and scheming neighbors emerge as the real weirdos.

Dir. Joe Dante, 1989, 35mm, 101 min.

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