4TH INT'L WAYNE FEDERMAN FILM FEST: The Descent (presented by Kumail Nanjiani, filmmaker Neil Marshall in person!)

JUST ADDED: The Descent filmmaker Neil Marshall in person! It’s no secret: Kumail Nanjiani — co-star of HBO’s Silicon Valley and co-host of Comedy Central’s The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail — is a horror film nut, a true-blue believer in the genre. After all, he’s the comedian who came up with the legendary “Horror fans are OK with the murder of innocent children, but not Freddy Krueger as a racist?” bit. He’s picked for us one of the most effective fright films of the 2000s, and arguably the best cave-horror movie of all time: Neil Marshall’s The Descent, which has been solidly scaring the shit out audiences for almost ten years with its nerve-shattering suspense and teeth-clenching claustrophobia. Receiving a shower of resounding, well-deserved accolades from the horror fan community upon its original release, Marshall’s gory sophomore effort (his follow-up to the equally rad Dog Soldiers) put the British director on the map as a powerful voice in genre cinema. By employing an all-female cast of cave explorers looking for kicks, the film elicits genuine sympathy from the viewer without ever feeling like a gimmick — a rare feat from a modern horror film.
Dir. Neil Marshall, 2005, 35mm, 99 min.

Watch the trailer for “The Descent”!
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