4TH INT'L WAYNE FEDERMAN FILM FEST: Fletch (presented by Chris Hardwick)

Chris Hardwick is a master at wearing a multitude of hats: he’s the head honcho of Nerdist, the host of “The Talking Dead” and “Talking Bad” in the podcast world, the ringleader of @ Midnight on the tube, and a diehard dynamo in the stand-up world. Fletch, the titular hero of the 1985 classic as brilliantly and effortlessly inhabited by Chevy Chase, is an investigative reporter who, along the way, impersonates a vagabond junkie, airplane repairman, surgeon’s assistant, and hoity-toity country club member. Is this multitude of personality a coincidence? Yeah, probably — but Chase nails so many silly bits and off-the-cuff moments that Fletch is elevated from what could’ve been a routine thriller into one of its era’s secret comedy legends. Chris done chose good.
Dir. Michael Ritchie, 1985, 35mm, 98 min.

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