In an age of alternative facts and challenges to civil liberties, together we must now do the daunting work of remembering a world that gave way to the infamous Big Brother, and what fate belied those who questioned Him. Please join The Cinefamily – and almost 90 other independent theaters across North America – on April 4th, 2017, as we screen this necessary and unflinching work in solidarity with those like Winston Smith (the late John Hurt), who love – and in loving, resist.

An eminent work like 1984, oft-memed darling of English classes everywhere, is brought to a bleak apotheosis in Michael Radford’s (yes, 1984) film adaptation. With its rote violence, its paralyzing portrayals of Orwell’s two-way telescreens – from which both public praise and hangings are administered ad insanium – and a palate that invokes only mud, we become privy and then prisoner to the normalization of a humanity traumatized by power. As Richard Burton – in his final performance, as INGSOC Party brainwasher O’Brien – taunts, “If you want a vision of the future… imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.”

Dir. Michael Radford, 1984, digital presentation, 113 min.

Tickets: Free w/ RSVP (first-come, first-serve). Donation to the ACLU suggested.

NOTE: To help us track attendance, you must pre-register for “first-come, first-serve” admission. Your registration does not guarantee you a seat.

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